Occupy Wall Street: Thanksgiving Celebration

All photos taken today, Thursday, November 24, 2011, between 1:40-3:40PM. Resized and resampled to VGA. Click any to enlarge.

Occupy Wall Street was going to celebrate Thanksgiving by offering free food to several thousand people. I had to go see.

I took a hella lotta pictures. I’ve selected these to show.

There were several hundred people. I really expected Liberty Plaza to be at capacity, but it never was. I guess many people stayed home or went to their family.

This is directed to the tourist buses that pass:

Look who I found:

But first look at the massive battery pack on his belt — with a solar panel on it too:

It’s Tim Pool — aka @TheOther99 — who I wrote about here. He’s streaming me while I’m photographing him:

As you’ll see, there were several people streaming:

When will Apple catch on that the iPad needs to do that as a core function? How about tying FaceTime (which is supposed to be a standard!) into Ustream and Livestream and all the rest? And wouldn’t it be great to have a smaller iPad optimized to do that?

I don’t know if these were for sale or via donation:

I won’t wear a button, so I passed.

There were three TV trucks there. Here are two of them:

Brookfield was being a hard ass. OWS couldn’t hand out food in Liberty Plaza. They had to set up on the sidewalk outside the barricade. This is the food line:

Holy shit, they had a lot of food:

And yes, I nabbed one:

I requested turkey. They had turkey, vegetarian, and then Gluten-free(!) of each. Since they were in bags, it was a bit of guesswork when it came to handing them out. I was told if I had vegetable to return it. Well, I thought it’d be interesting to have a veg Thanksgiving. I wound up eating everything. Including the sweet potatoes, which I actually hate. I figured I’d just swallow it like medicine. It wouldn’t matter once in my gut. And I can’t stand wasting food. It drives me mad.

One of several small music groups set up:

And people manned the Broadway-facing barricade with signs:

They also had a Pie Station:

No, I did not have any pie.

I don’t know what was happening here. These look like the cards used to test ESP:

Yep, even more food:

Someone sketching, old school style, with paper:

Media were interviewing people:

Another streamer:

She told her viewers someone was photographing and following her! Ha!

I think this is the Police Captain who got arrested while in uniform:

The people at this table went fancy with a table cloth and decoration:

That white van is the third TV truck:

Another streamer:

More music:

Stencil of V:

That says: “Revolution Generation. Debt Is Slavery.”

Wait. What? The food line again:

Her resemblance to actress Joanna Lumley was uncanny:

I had to tell her she was holding the sign on its side! She was a bit enthusiastic!

Another interview:

Here comes the only tense moment. Drummers set up inside Liberty Plaza and were playing. NYPD were called in to stop it. This drummer was being argumentative:

Whoa. What? I went for a second helping:

Genuine turkey. I must have had a record-setting turkey leg bone because there was less meat on that leg than a can of cat food has! I ate it all except for that orange mass above the sweet potatoes. I hated to waste that, but it was just inedible to me. I’m still not sure what it was.

The drummer event kept escalating. Look at the Tower being lowered:

A frikkin van full of NYPD pulled up:

One cop even hopped the barricade:

It just kept growing, with over a hundred people crowding around. And look who I caught covering it:

Cropped-zoom of Tim Pool:

It just kept going:

Eventually, the NYPD withdrew. I didn’t see anyone arrested. But the drummers did cease and pack up.

Here is an actual conversation I had with an old, old man:

OOM: What’s happening over there?

Me: They don’t want the drummers to play.

OOM: Neither do I!

Like I said, they had a hella lotta food:

A mild personal indulgence. I had to chase this young woman as she was leaving to sneak a photo of her extraordinary hair:

Sad puppeh was not getting any turkey:

One of the disputed drum sets packed up:

I told one of the Yellow Vests that since it was Thanksgiving, the should have allowed it. The Vest told me Brookfield won’t allow drumming. They’d need to go onto the sidewalk to do it.

The drummers were replaced by a banjo and fiddle duo:

I don’t know, but it was a celebration:

I wonder …

… if his suggestion has merit and will be used? The GA, as I’ve followed it in tweets, goes on far too long for the number of issues it deals with.

He was telling the crowd about what’s happening in Egypt:

More of The People’s Library:

Another streamer:

Decals on another MacBook:

And another streamer:

Various stencils:

The food line again:

No, I did not go for thirds! I was still amazed at how much there was and then I saw …

… even more food was still being delivered:

As I was leaving, I saw that turkey balloon again:

And it delivered a message of good cheer to our Police Commissioner:

Well, I have to say I was very, very impressed by it all. The amount of food they had was staggering. And I even saw someone going around interviewing people about what they had and if they liked it! There were also people in yellow T-shirts with “OWS Event Staff” (I think it said) on their front. And someone else kept making the rounds asking people if they wanted pie!

I can’t criticize any of this. It was very well done.

Score one for Occupy Wall Street.

And thank you for the food. I hope none of it got wasted! There’s lots of — needless and unnecessary — hunger in this city.

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4 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: Thanksgiving Celebration

  1. P. F. Hawkins

    That isn’t an ESP thing, it’s a matching card game. We played it in math class in grade school in the 90’s.

  2. Posts like this one make me want to be there. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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