Occupy Wall Street: Thanksgiving Morning 2011

All photos taken today, Thursday, November 24, 2011 around 7:40AM and then near 9AM. Resized and resampled to VGA. Click any to enlarge.

These are all except for maybe four, which didn’t come out well. Photos are posted in the order they were taken.

It was both a cold morning and a holiday morning. Would anyone even be there?

The lights on the trees were pretty …

And, oh yes, there were diehards there early:


Look at the circular plant bed. The soil has been flattened:

They’ve put in new plants!

The NYPD Tower was down temporarily for a changing of the guard:

Still a hella lotta barricades standing by:

All the surrounding wall plant beds have new plants:

And the diehards:


Even the NYPD Camera Tower was retracted:

Then near 9AM I ran into this:

The W Hotel. Let me refresh your memory:

I wonder how those diehards feel about being run by people who can afford such a swank hotel? Did they even believe the report?

Hidden on a side street down the block from Liberty Plaza …

… they were pulling out a camera to use.

And the Wikileaks truck is back, with some bumper damage from being hauled away again:

That says “OWS Black Knights Till Death.” I have no idea what it means. That guy has been there since near the beginning. The night of the raid, however, he was at home. So maybe he’s one of the commuting protesters.

See that modern building peeking out from the side …

… that’s the W Hotel. So the one-percenters of OWS had a good view of the Plaza. I wonder if they were there the night of the raid while all the regular people were being awakened and swept away?

Cropped-zoom of the text:

In the window of their storage dump, a new sign:

Maybe if you stopped paying to stay in swank hotels you could afford a lobbyist?

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