Nook Touch 1.1 Rooting News For November 26, 2011

ATTENTION: With this post, I have inaugurated a new Category: B&N Nook Touch Rooting. All posts that deal with rooting the Nook Touch are now there. General Nook Touch posts are in the Barnes & Noble Nook Category. This should make everything easier to call up now.

There is now a third rooting method!

Previous two methods:
[N2E][1.1] TouchNooter 1.11.20
[N2E][1.1] SalsichaNooter 0.4 18/11 – With Market, Gapps, Themed ADW, NookTouchTools

New third method:
[NST]MinimalTouch 1.1beta2 (Automatic/Manual Rooting with Gapps + EXTRAS)

Which one to use? It depends on the apps that you want automagically installed. Also, some people wind up having problems with other methods and the third one is the last resort method — short of doing a completely manual rooting operation.

Everyone likes photos, here are some culled from the MinimalTouch thread:

This is new:

[NST][CWR][Beta2] Clockworkmod based Recovery

after some trying and hacking I was able to build a working Clockworkmod based recovery for the Nook Simple Touch.
It is still a beta-version, but everything I tested (backup, restore, mount USB, install zip) works.

If you want to try it, just write one of the imgs from the sd_xx_clockwork-….zip to a SD card with at least the capacity mentioned in the filename. Put the card in your N2E and reboot.

Other things worth keeping track of:

Anybody get win32diskimager to work on Win7 x64?

Why do you want to root your Nook Touch?

Live sync of books and files with dropbox and dropsync, amazon books with kindle, coolreader for even more format support (or any other as moon reader), better pdf support with ezPDF Reader (or any other free or not pdf app), overdrive for public ebooks, Mango manga reader for online manga and or mangawhat and Perfect Viewer for photos or cbr, etc files, rss feeds, light internet with opera mini or mobile, and many other things…… even light old games as chess or 4 in line or card games are playable. Modifying fonts, adding new ones, I don’t know XD, many things are possible with this device.

Of course this isn’t a tablet, it’s an ereader, for reading, but rooting just makes it expand where other ereaders cant go, and of course brake its own limitations for example, why the hell didn’t they add landscape mode? Now you can use it.

Location of downloaded DRM content?

[Q] Multi-Touch support on Nook Simple Touch? — no sign of it yet!

New Nook — useful to newbies who want to back up the Nook Touch via a Mac.

system/bin/screenshot works bad, really — discussion of screensnapping.

[Q] How do you use your rooted NT?

As said above, the NST is primarily a e-book reader, if you bought it as a “cheap” tablet then you wasted your money

NST Underclocking — I’m not yet clear on why I’d want to do this, but there are pictures:

Using B&N Storage normally

[Q] Any way to Boost wifi power

This is a new and impressive video showing software I’ve not seen demonstrated before:

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Previously in the Barnes & Noble Nook Category


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One response to “Nook Touch 1.1 Rooting News For November 26, 2011

  1. Phil

    Under Clocking Look like a power saving issue.

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