Siri Dramatized In 1987 And Boxed In 2012

I’ve cited the BBC SF TV series Star Cops several times in my blogs. Once for foretelling the kind of touchscreen computers we are beginning to have (see HP’s new reclining TouchSmart).

Another aspect of our current life the series foretold was iPhone’s Siri.

After the break, see two clips of DCI Nathan Spring communicating with his portable machine, called Box.

As we continue to have breakthroughs in tech, interactive conversations with Siri will be possible, as dramatized above.

But what’s in Siri’s immediate future?

I think this is:

Forget the fact that says Apple TV. I haven’t the software to glom Siri’s logo onto it without offending your eyes.

Imagine Siri in a Box.


Because we’re already seen hackers breaking the Siri protocol and setting up their own proxy servers to use Siri to control local devices.

Why should people have to go through all that trouble when Apple can sell such a Siri server — or Siri in a Box?

Clearly the need has been shown by the examples already demonstrated.

Imagine Siri being the central control for all sorts of devices. You could be notified when the laundry has been done. Or when your doorbell has been rung while you’re away from home (for all of you who expect UPS packages). An entire spectrum of uses that can’t yet be fully imagined.

An additional advantage would be Siri being local, not requiring communicating with Apple’s servers. A local Siri would store frequently-used commands and could still be useful even if Apple’s servers went down for some reason.

How would Siri be connected to things? I leave that aspect up to Apple. Let me just state that I am sick of wires and cables and connecting things physically.

While everyone is excited over Apple doing an Apple-ized large-screen TV, that idea bores the hell out of me. It’s still TV, with the same crap it has now.

It’s passive, not active and useful like Siri in a Box would be.

Siri in a Box is the next step Apple should take.

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