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TV: Pan Am On Twitter

“Pan Am” is not canceled, says network, studio

That article led me to search for the actors and actresses of the series on Twitter.

Here’s who I found.

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A Pixel Qi Tablet Spotted In America

Here’s a strange photo I just came across in Flickr today. This is possibly the first sighting of a production tablet with a Pixel Qi screen in America. All other ones have been demo models shown in overseas trade shows. I don’t know who makes this tablet.

The photo information states:

This photo was taken on October 31, 2011 in Outer Richmond, San Francisco, CA, US, using an Apple iPhone 4.



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Nook Touch 1.1: Browser Loophole Exists

I came across this YouTube video today where a clever young guy has figured out how to get access to the Internet via the Nook Touch browser that Barnes & Noble closed off with the 1.1 update:

Text from the video after the break.

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