TV: Pan Am On Twitter

“Pan Am” is not canceled, says network, studio

That article led me to search for the actors and actresses of the series on Twitter.

Here’s who I found.

Pilot Dean Lowrey played by Mike Vogel – not on Twitter

Co-Pilot Ted Vanderway played by Michael Mosley – not on Twitter

Maggie Ryan played by Christina Ricci – not on Twitter

Kate Cameron played by Kelli Garner – @IamKelliGarner on Twitter

Colette Valois played by Karine Vanasse – @karinevanasse on Twitter

Laura Cameron played by Margot Robbie – @MargotRobbie on Twitter

Production Crew:

Mike Daniels, co-writer of episodes two and seven: @mikedaniels101

No one else is listed. I’m surprised Jack Orman isn’t, since he co-wrote two episodes with Mike Daniels.

One of these days I will see about dragging my 1960s-nostalgic decrepit carcass out to Brooklyn to see if there are any photos to be gotten for this blog.

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  1. :-)

    Kelli Garner got a new twitter account:

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