KYOBO eReader: New Images

Every day I search for news about the Kyobo eReader.

The silence has been deafening and inexplicable.

South Koreans usually like to show off the tech they’ve bought in blog posts and on YouTube. This hasn’t been the case with the Kyobo eReader so far.

But I did manage to find some new images from Korea via Google Korea search.

‘KYOBO eReader’

That’s a very interesting photo because the color on the screen is quite vibrant!

[Korean link]

Yet everything is washed-out in that photo.

(KYOBO eReader)

This site has several large hi-res photos, of which this is the most interesting:

And he confirms the slowness I posted about:

But the biggest problem with this unit loading too slow, will

It takes 30 seconds to load a book ……… I think it a very serious problem

Slow transitions, the design is more so, bury all of the other drawbacks I think this is a serious drawback

By the way, this might be the original post. It’s hard to tell, since I don’t understand Korean. At least that site has Comments. (This one could also be the original post. Sheesh.)

‘KYOBO eReader’

I’ve seen another photo of those two fondling it. What’s notable about this one is how washed-out the color is in the image of the woman on the upper unit.

Previously here:

KYOBO eReader: So. Damn. Slow.
First Video: Kyobo eReader With Mirasol Screen



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11 responses to “KYOBO eReader: New Images

  1. Ronald McDonald

    Hi there Mike,

    I was following your blog when the Nook ereader was released and I’m of course even more excited now about the new Kyobo ereader with the Mirasol technology. Hopefully we’ll see this screen technology in many devices in the future. It would make life easier for those of us who have to stare on screens for hours each day.

    I appreciate that you cover the news about this device and I will continue reading about your reports every day. Hopefully XDA will get a copy to start hack away on soon.

    Oh, by the way, I have a hunch the device isn’t really available for consumers just yet, which could be the explanation why there are so few videos on YouTube etc.

    Ideally, I would like to see the Mirasol screen on a 10″ device with a dual core processor — then I could remote control all the other computers that I operate using it.

    Best regards

    Ronald McDonald

  2. Ronald McDonald


    As far as I can tell, this is just a better technology than what Pixel Qi has to offer.

  3. Ronald McDonald

    If it’s this good it might be worth waiting for:

  4. Ronald McDonald

    Just wish it were 10″…

  5. Ronald McDonald

    …And had a dual core processor.

  6. Ronald McDonald

    Here it is:

    Unfortunately I think a South Korean social security number is required in order to order it online. There might be a workaround but none that I am aware of right now.

  7. Woojip

    I saw YouTube links from Korean reviewer’s blog. at first movie you can see a words ‘잠시만 기다려주세요’ means ‘please wait a min.’ and you can see a words ‘죄송합니다 Mirasol 교보 eBook 활동(Mirasol 교보 eBook 애플리케이션)이 응답하지 않습니다’ means ‘I am sorry about Mirasol KYOBO eBook application stops responding.’

    it may have a configuration problem at KYOBO eBook sample. And I think it increased a loading time greatly. (maybe not exactly)

  8. Andy Jenkinson

    Qualcomm and Mirasol seem to have behaved very strangely. First they said the technology was ready, then the first reader was cancelled due to technical problems. We haven’t seen ANYTHING of Mirasol displays in about a year. The strangest thing is that the original Mirasol dispays appeared to be much better than that in the Kyobo reader! At one exhibition a Mirasol display is compared to the epaper display of a rival. It was visibly superior. In the PROMO for the Kyobo the display looks WORSE than that of the original competitor! Saving grace may be that in the independent video when light catches part of the screen there is a noticeable improvement in colour.
    I really, really want this to be a decent display.
    Another oddity is that mobile phones are THE obvious choices to be first with Mirasol screens because the displays are small – unless the pixel density cannot be achieved.
    I hope we see a sample (or even videos) soon. Meanwhile it is really frustrating.

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