Nano-Fondle: Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0

I went out and fondled a bunch of devices today to catch up.

One of them was the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0.

That’s it all the way on the right, screen off.

That’s a size comparison to my LifeDrive that I’m looking to replace. The LifeDrive’s screen is on full blast. I didn’t check the screen setting of the SGP.

I’d fondled another Samsung earlier that was running Honeycomb. So going to Gingerbread was a bit confusing.

It worked fine. I understand now why Apple wants to sue Samsung’s devices out of existence. They’re really the only Android devices that have an Apple-like smoothness to them.

This unit had an icon labeled “Comics” and it was a very strange program …

… that showed a comic book …

… as a slide show …

… panel by panel. I thought that was annoying as hell. eComics won’t be worthwhile until their print heritage is finally dead. Comics people — like eBook people — should be designing for screens, not for paper.

This …

… is photo taken with the device. Since I couldn’t email it off, I sent it to my blog while in the store, into a draft post. Unfortunately, in the transition it got shrunk to VGA dimensions. I was hoping I’d have the full-size image waiting for me.

This was too brief a time to draw any conclusions. Other than I hate Best Buy with a passion. All of their devices have very sensitive alarms that go off if you try to hold a device properly.


December 2, 2011 · 7:01 pm

2 responses to “Nano-Fondle: Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0

  1. Hey @mike…if you had your druthers, what would you buy, right now, if you bought a 7 inch tablet. I wanted a Fire, but now I think I’ll wait and get a Samsung…what do you think?

    • mikecane

      If I could buy ANYTHING right now, it’d probably be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 — but it’s not available. And anything bought *this* month will likely be obsoleted *next* month by Samsung at CES. So there’s that to think about most of all!

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