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The Follow Floater Is Not My Doing

It turns out WordPress is sticking a floating ad over this blog.

I didn’t discover this until I was looking at this blog on the Nook Tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.

It’s this garish and annoying black float-over that “invites” people to “Follow” this blog.

I had no idea that shit was happening.

And there’s no option for me to turn it off.

If you hate it as much as I do, email WordPress to complain.

They’ll listen to readers.



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TV: A Gifted Man, Episode Nine

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Nano-Fondle: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

As part of my Fondle Tour on Friday, I went into J&R and had a bit of a surprise:

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Nano-Fondle: Kindle Fire

I’m not really interested in this device but I was able to see it in Staples. Unfortunately, it was locked down in Demo Mode and there was no WiFi.

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Fondle: Nook Tablet

Continuing with my series of posts covering Friday’s Fondle Tour, I get to the Nook Tablet:

What makes this a fondle and not a nano-fondle? I tried to get some real shit done — things I’d want the Nook Tablet to do if I were to buy it.

Did it succeed or fail?

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