TV: Pan Am, Episode Nine

Warning: Some visual spoilers ahead.

I probably went overboard with screensnaps this time. But this is the mid-season finale so I wanted to give everyone at least one screensnap.

Oh my god! Such complications! And a whole bunch of cliffhangers!

A hell of an episode, with an astonishing amount of story crammed into it.

As American Horror Story has gotten worse, this series has gotten better.

ABC better give it a second season.

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3 responses to “TV: Pan Am, Episode Nine

  1. This show isn’t bad when you look at it by itself. Unfortunately once you set it down next to Mad Men the show its suppose to be pulling numbers like its far below the line.

    • mikecane

      Yeah, I’ve heard that. I think I’ve seen maybe part of one episode of Mad Men, so I’m seeing Pan Am as a show in itself. Broadcast TV is also less daring than cable.

  2. Shock Me

    I enjoy Mad Men more but only because they took the time to introduce the characters rather than the plots.

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