Update On iPad 2 And Google Books PDFs

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This is a continuation of a series of posts about devices I fondled last Friday (December 2, 2011).

All screensnaps in this post are full iPad 2 resolution. Click any to enlarge.

In November 2010 I first did this test on an iPad.

With the faster iPad 2 and improvements to iOS (now 5.x), I thought it was time to try it again.

This is not an academic exercise. I have a ton of Google Books PDFs I want to read and the iPad’s form factor is best suited to that. In fact, I read the test book shown here on my desktop.

This is the usual test file:

But something was awry. Google removed the PDF version of it:

I was flummoxed when that happened during my Nook Tablet fondle. But this time I decided to try More Editions:

Which led to this:

And this edition, which still had a PDF version:

And here it is open in iBooks:

It’s still the case that if a PDF is paged past a certain point, the iPad needs to pause to render the page …

… and that can take a second or two:

Still, it was noticeably faster than a year ago. Still not the smooth experience I’d like to have, but this is now possible:

A big hop to a different page:

But the iPad still isn’t there yet.

Although this represents an improvement for Google Books PDFs, I think iBooks still needs optimization or a more powerful CPU/GPU to render faster and to cache more pages.

I have a worse PDF torture test of the iPad 2 in another post coming later today. The iPad 2 failed that one. So did the iPhone 4s.

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5 responses to “Update On iPad 2 And Google Books PDFs

  1. Brandon

    Out of curiosity, have you tried GoodReader with any of these PDFs? It’s a huge improvement over anything iBooks is capable of. I don’t use iBooks for anything PDF related as GoodReader allows for not only reading of PDFs but markup/highlighting/bookmarking as well.

    • mikecane

      How can I use GoodReader? I’m using an Apple Store iPad that will not download even demos from the App Store. I can get iBookstore samples, but nothing from the App Store.

  2. ClockworkZombie

    I started using Goodreader because of the render pauses with iBooks.

    Do you notice a difference with other applications?

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