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The Darwinian Future Of Publishing

I don’t have the patience to do those posts people love: lots of words that boringly repeat the point over and over again. I just like to get to the damn point.

1) As the Big Six continue to die …

2) More writers will flock to self-publish via Kindle, Nook, etc

3) NaNoWriMo never-wannabes will continue to clog the sales pipes

4) Customers will become increasingly frustrated in finding real books

5) Amazon, B&N, et al, will get fed up hosting crap that doesn’t sell (electrons may be “free” but customer friction that loses sales is not)

6) All eBookstores will do away with self-publishing

7) The future will be filled with things like Authonomy and Book Country where people must fight for recognition

8) Think American Idol for books — but without real judges

9) Survivors/winners will then be allowed to sell to Kindle, Nook, etc, customers

That’s how it will be.

If you thought getting published was hard when it was just print, it will become even worse with eBooks.

Who wants to submit to a public slush pile and be judged by a bunch of people who resent that they can’t get picked?


Rewriting the rules for publishing



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webOS: A Thousand Devices Will Bloom

I was thinking about the open sourcing of webOS and it hit me.

China. Shenzen.

They put out a flood of Android devices in the past two years.

That’s since gotten old.

They’ve milked what they could out of the likes of third-tier companies such as Pandigital, Cruz, Coby, etc.

They’ll come roaring back with a flood of webOS devices.

Most of these will be absolute crap. Suckers will buy them on eBay and they’ll drop dead within a month.

But out of that seething sucker-baiting mess will come a stronger webOS.

A webOS that might even take hold in China and sell in huge numbers.

This is going to get very interesting in 2012.

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HP Dumps webOS Into Open Source Pool

HP to Contribute webOS to Open Source

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