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Nook Touch 1.1 Rooting News For December 10, 2011

Note that these posts have moved on to Nook Touch with the 1.1 update. If your Nook Touch has a version prior to 1.1, see older posts in this series. It would be best to update to 1.1, however, if your Nook Touch has not yet been rooted

Also see past posts in this series because I do not follow up on all threads mentioned in past posts.

Available rooting methods:

[N2E][1.1] TouchNooter 1.11.20
[N2E][1.1] SalsichaNooter 0.4 18/11 – With Market, Gapps, Themed ADW, NookTouchTools
[NST]MinimalTouch 1.1beta5 (+Index to manual rooting)
[NST]Manual Rooting, ADB, Gapps (1.1), etc

Which one to use? It depends on the apps that you want automagically installed. Also, some people wind up having problems with other methods and the third one is the last resort method — short of doing a completely manual rooting operation, which is the fourth method.

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