Suddenly Millennium

I searched for this online for years.

Tonight I tripped across it entirely by accident.

I was never a regular viewer of Mad TV and didn’t think much of it when I did watch.

So when I saw this, my eyes popped out. An absolutely brilliant, brilliant piece of work.

I am so jealous of the person who wrote it.

See it after the break.

You see, Vicki, people like you are the first signs of the Apocalypse. Shallow, smug, superficial parasites with your insufferable pop culture references that mask creatures devoid of compassion, intellect, and soul. That’s why the Millennium Group has been sent to destroy you and the entire Must See TV Line Up. Cue laugh track.


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2 responses to “Suddenly Millennium

  1. Danielle D

    I used to love watching Mad TV

  2. I think I need brain bleach, but you are right…it is brilliant.

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