iPad PDF Torture Test: GoodReader Vs. Processed World

Prior posts in this series for comparisons:

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And if you want to play along at home:

Processed World (Nov-82) [choose PDF (5.9 M) or right-click Save As here]

This is a follow-up to: The PDF Torture Test The iPad 2 And iPhone 4s Failed

A Commenter already informed me:

I tried this on GoodReader and if the page has not been cached it seemed to take around 8-9 seconds to fully render. After it has been rendered, it took around 1-3 seconds to turn a page.

And now, using an original iPad upgraded to iOS 5.x, the result is about 30% slower:

Those videos were shot by @doctorlaura. A grateful world thanks her for her Science!

It’s clear the PDFs have to be disassembled in a PDF-creation program and the graphics all converted from JPEG2000 to at least JPEG and then reassembled into a PDF (this is not a difficult process).

I lack the tools — and an iPad — right now. If anyone out there carries out that experiment, leave a Comment.

I also wonder if a conversion from JPEG2000 to GIF would work and make it even faster?

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