KYOBO eReader: User Reports And Photos

I found some new images of the Kyobo eReader over at a Barnes & Noble forum thread.

And there was a potted summary of comments from owners in South Korea.

What owners are saying:

I’m still in the middle of reading the reviews about this Kyobo eReader, but the overall impression is that a lot of people had high expectations and were disappointed. As far as I can tell though, they were disappointed with Kyobo’s marketing, design and price.

So far, people are saying……………

  • Front light useful when reading in dark
  • Comfortable to the eyes just as e-ink
  • Resolution good (detailed PDFs or comics would show up better) – compared to Kindle 3, Nook Simple Touch and others
  • Contrast not as good as black & white e-ink.
  • Loading a book takes long, but once it is loaded, turning pages is very quick. (maybe it’s a software problem?)
  • Price is too high
  • Compared to e-ink display, response is much quicker. Compared to rooted Nook Touch, screen scrolling is much smoother, but still slower than LCDs.
  • Color: not vivid / more like faded magazine pages?

And some photos:

I’ve seen enough of this now and won’t be doing any follow-ups unless someone roots it into a tablet.

I don’t think that screen is ready for Americans. In certain light from a certain angle, it look like an old-style calculator screen. At its best, it seems to have a silvery-gray background. And colors look like ditto reproduction.

Let’s see if devices for America ever appear and what their screens are like compared to this. It seems to me Mirasol still has a lot of work to do.

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4 responses to “KYOBO eReader: User Reports And Photos

  1. The colors in these photos look much more subdued than what I remember seeing at MWC 2010. Is it because I saw demo models? Or could it be reflective glass? The demo models I saw were matte. Or were these photos taken outdoors?

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