Occupy Wall Street: Duarte Square

All photos taken today Saturday, December 17, 2011, sometime between 7:45-8:45AM or thereabouts. Resampled and resized to VGA. Click any to enlarge. Photos are in the order they were taken.

This was Liberty Plaza:

There were zero Occupiers at that time. But there was one crazy homeless guy wrapped in a filthy blanket.

Note that all of the barricades are still up and Yellow Vests — Brookfield private security — also remain on duty.

This is a public park across from Duarte Square, on the south side of Canal Street:

And this is Duarte Square:

There was an NYPD presence already, as will be seen in the photos. As soon as I started to take pictures, an NYPD SUV swooped in out of nowehere and a cop got out to eye me.

On a nearby pole:

Note the date is 2012!

I was surprised there were no barricades at all.

Duarte statue:

And what have we here:


That van was filled with NYPD and they were twitchy!

Also cropped-zoom:

That’s an undercover car that had two uniformed NYPD in it, who were bug-eyed, watching me take photos.


And there’s the cop and that damn NYPD SUV that came out of nowhere!

And this is what they have planned to occupy:

Frankly, short of busting in, I don’t see how they can accomplish that!


That undercover car again, with a van next to it. The van was empty when I was there. Maybe the NYPD went to get coffee?

Here’s more of that park across the street:

All of this is just like three blocks away from a police precinct:

And as I went back to lower Manhattan, I saw the cops mobilizing:

On Broadway, a truck of barricades:

Burger King view of Liberty Plaza:

And dig this:

That’s someone using a tablet — a RIM Playbook — to capture photos and videos. So all you techies who think people won’t use tablets for that, this is just additional evidence that people will use what they have. I have prior photos of people using iPads too!

And on a post near the Custom House:

As I’ve been doing this post, the action at Duarte Square has been happening live. It will be interesting to see what comes out of it.

What I’ve been seeing from it is that we’ll have to wait for the Day The ATMs Stop Working before overwhelming action — that can’t be stopped by any police — can take place.

Right now, the numbers are still on the side of the cops.

Someday — and I think it will be in 2012 — that’s going to tilt and can’t be contained.

I would have liked to stay to get pics of the action, but I was just too damned cold.

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