Occupy Wall Street: December 25, 2011 Celebration

All photos taken today Sunday, December 25, 2011, sometime between 3:40-4:20PM or thereabouts. Resampled and resized to VGA. Click any to enlarge. Photos are in the order they were taken.

This is about half the number of photos I actually took.

This was Liberty Plaza:

Occupy scheduled a 3PM potluck celebration. I think a little over one hundred Occupiers were there. There were half as many people just watching and taking photos!

Here’s a very strange array of placards:

And there’s a website for that.

Occupy had water:

But food? Not so much:

This sign …

… was also there this morning. But my camera battery crapped out.

You are not imaging the shape of these candles …

… it’s The Finger.

As you’ll see, several people have marked their clothing with Occupy:

There was dancing …

… that young woman with the memorable colored hair was also in Tim Pool’s livestream I saw during the attempted re-Occupation:

I think she’s been arrested at least once.

He was setting up a livestream of or maybe just recording …

… these musician-singers:

The guy in blue to the left was either recording or streaming from his cellphone:

The blonde at right was streaming or recording on a white iPhone:

From the far end of Liberty Plaza, showing how much space was empty:

A service for the Eucharist was being organized:

A surprisingly-small amount of food:

I think they said it was guacamole, salad, and wheat bread. Since they had so little, I didn’t try to freeload. I guess most people didn’t bring anything due to the Brookfield Yellow Vests.

And that was it. Even though I was there less than an hour, and it was daylight when I left, by the time the ferry arrived back it was dark outside. I hate Winter.

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One response to “Occupy Wall Street: December 25, 2011 Celebration

  1. Mike

    Probably the most disjointed, absurd, ludicrous movement I’ve ever heard or read about. The only thing remotely resembling this hodge podge of idealistic tomfoolery was the beginning of the Reign of Terror (French Revolution). They too had no clue about what they were protesting. But it ended in mass murders from the group.

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