Occupy Wall Street: December 25, 2011 Morning

All photos taken today Sunday, December 25, 2011, sometime between 8:10-9:20AM or thereabouts. Resampled and resized to VGA. Click any to enlarge. Photos are in the order they were taken.

This was Liberty Plaza:

And there were Occupiers. Cropped-zoom:


I was surprised the Brookfield Yellow Vests let those two in with so much stuff.


Burger King View:

Post-breakfast street view:



They were beta testing a banner.


When people bandy about the term “love,” I’m reminded of this passage from Atlas Shrugged:

Those who’re big are here to serve those who aren’t. If they refuse to do their moral duty, we’ve got to force them. There once was an Age of Reason, but we’ve progressed beyond it. This is the Age of Love.

Love at the point of a gun? That’s not love.

And at their depot:

And inside a better view:

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6 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: December 25, 2011 Morning

  1. Bill Hough

    Tom Stilson is presenting a good analysis on what would happen if the Fleabaggers are successful in their quest to overthrow society:



    Bottom line:
    “Regardless of what conjecture we make about an Occupy rule, what will most assuredly come to pass will be the disorder, chaos, and criminal enterprise that would arise from the ashes of social upheaval. In disrupting ports, freight, and passenger transportation, Occupy may be able to achieve a collapse of our system, but at a cost much greater than they bargained for.”

    This would be a textbook case of “the cure is worse than the disease.”

  2. Bill Hough

    The problem is that us normals are pissed off at the bailouts also. The devil is, as they say, in the details. Most people with regular lives don’t take the time to figure out who’s behind all of the crony capitalism going on.

    • mikecane

      We did a pretty good job of busting up trusts, interlocking directorates, restraint of trade, and monopolistic practices before TV and before Occupy.

  3. What does “Comfort” mean on the sign at the depot where is says “Comfort is available at Charlotte’s Plaza…” ?

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