Very Rare HP TouchPad Go Gets Reviewed

Review: HP TouchPad Go

The difference between a seven-inch tablet and a ten-inch tablet can be startling. You don’t really think about it, but it’s the almost equivalent to the difference between a full-size magazine and Reader’s Digest. For those accustomed to the original ten-inch TouchPad, upon first grasp it’s startling how small the Go is. In fact, it makes the older ten-inch model seem positively massive in comparison.

For god’s sake, I know that. Which is why I have been pining away for a true 4:3 7″ tablet (preferably iPad).

Look at how he can hold it in just one hand:

1.5GHz of power without having to dick around with overclocking hacks:

Ah, webOS Cards:

Look at the one-handedness:

It’s just a thing of tech lust and beauty and I will never forgive HP for what they did to webOS and for denying me the chance to have a TouchPad Go.

My only hope is that when webOS is finally open source, those with skillz can get it working on quality Android hardware, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Now that would be one hell of a webOS tablet!


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