Occupy Wall Street: New Year Mini-Riot

I attended the Liberty Plaza General Assembly last night and will have a separate post with pictures about that.

After the break is raw footage of what was characterized to me by Brookfield Yellow Vests this morning as a “mini-riot.” It took place last night well after I had left.

Rumor is seventy-nine arrests. Another figure, from a Brookfield Yellow Vest, was twenty-five.

I don’t yet know the details of what happened when.

At any rate, Liberty Plaza is totally closed to all today.

From the YouTube description:

Pretty raw footage from the second of the two tapes I shot at tonight’s re-Occupation of Zucotti Park. I have selected the shots to include in this sequence, and trimmed a few seconds from some clips, but otherwise this is pretty much unedited. I plan to present an edited video soon, and will be uploading more footage to this playllist

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