Occupy Wall Street: New Year’s Eve 2011 And New Year’s Day 2012

All photos resized and resampled to VGA. Click any to enlarge.

Photos taken a variety of times.

These first ones were taken around 8AM on Saturday, December 31, 2011, New Year’s Eve.

This was Liberty Plaza:

It was empty other than a single homeless person and the usual Brookfield staff.

The No-Sit Zone at Liberty Plaza:

Even that large NYPD spy truck was gone:

But the watchtower was undergoing a guard change:

This next set of photos were taken between 7:15-10PM on Saturday, December 31, 2011, New Year’s Eve. Due to not using flash — so I wouldn’t blind people — many photos have blur in them.

The General Assembly, which has had a habit of starting later than scheduled, was already underway:

I wondered how GA tweets were done. This is how:

Apple Bluetooth keyboard to a phone (not an iPhone).

An action was happening. People linked arms and surrounded something in the center of one of the now-dead circular plant beds:

It was two small children in a wee tent! Liberty Plaza was symbolically re-occupied!

Someone tweeting from a Blackberry:

The guy at left with the knit cap is Justin from Direct Action:

This young woman in black jacket is Ashley from Occupy Chicago:

Livestreaming via notebook and MacBook:

Some placards from those who think 9/11 was all a setup:

In retaliation for the symbolic tent, Brookfield closed the park to outsiders:

I was surprised to see some dogs. About an hour later, that guy was curled up with the dog on the ground, sleeping:

The No-Sit Zone at Liberty Plaza:

She brought a pet rat, and it was very affectionate:

Those who couldn’t enter Liberty Plaza marched around it, chanting:

Another dog:

MacBook livestreaming:

The woman in rainbow cap is the notorious Nan. She hand wrote out two pages of a proposal she expected the People’s Mic to echo:

Her proposal was for outside auditors (upwards of $380,000(!!!) has gone missing). The proposal was tabled. Frankly, I couldn’t see why. The GA was very fractured, with a lot of distractions from elsewhere in the park. I don’t see how they could get anything done that night.

The infamous middle finger candle:

The Girl with the Hair was there:

Finally, it was decided that the Occupiers would themselves remove the tent so others could be let into Liberty Plaza:

There was a fracas concerning the American flag:

The flag was mounted on a solid wood pole, which is prohibited. A wooden pole is considered a weapon (see How to Protest in New York City).

The electric banana is actually a microphone:

This is a promo for a website that I can’t find via Search:

At one point, Occupiers tore down the yellow ribbon and occupied the No-Sit Zone:

Someone had an Occupy scrapbook:

The one photo I took with flash, occupying the No-Sit Zone:

NY1 News interviewing:

The guy center frame with the white iPhone 4 is Tim Pool, who is always spooked when I photograph him.

Like here too:

He has damn good eyes, to be able to read the social stream superimposed over the video image. That type is just too small for me!

This is dedication to a cause:

Somehow the flag got out of the Plaza (after someone pulled it in and ran with it during the fracas) and the guy who owned it couldn’t get in:

Me spooking the shit out of Tim Pool again:

Past and present members of the armed services assembled out of respect for the flag, formed a troop, and marched around the Plaza, chanting:

This photo has nothing to do with Occupy, I just liked it:

More of the march out of respect for the flag:

A light saber duel:

A march to the Bull was called for, to see how NYPD would respond (if at all):

Within thirty seconds NYPD was out in force:

After I crossed the street to the Bull to get this photo (see blurry peeved look of NYPD officer at left):

NYPD set up a line to prevent everyone else from following:

The Girl with the Hair was already at the Bull:

Dig this strange photo set:

Cropped-zoom, yep, he wears the mask of Anonymous:

But WTF is happening here:

Cropped-zoom of a handshake:

The guy lifted up his mask but I didn’t get a picture. It would have been worthless. He had on one of those knit masks with openings only for eyes and mouth, obscuring his identity. So, just how infiltrated is Occupy Wall Street?

Having been prevented from crossing to the Bull, the march went down further and crossed to circle the park:

And wound up at the Bull anyway:

They were escorted across the street to the other side of Broadway by NYPD and marched back to Liberty Plaza. This was around 10PM and I had to get home and sleep (I’d had a rotten four hours of sleep the night before).

This next set of photos was taken around 8AM today, on Sunday, January 1, 2012, New Year’s Day.

I was surprised by a line of TV vans:

The story behind that is the “mini-riot” shown in videos in this prior post.

This was brand new, not there last night:

Liberty Plaza was totally closed to everyone for the day:

I went to 60 Wall Street, and there was no NYPD presence at all:

Only these cameras were evident as security, because there were no Security personnel at all, which was strange:

The construction of “Liberty Mountain” out of the Plaza barricades took place after I’d left New Year’s Eve. I should have stayed for another hour, but that’s how it sometimes goes.

They served food at the Plaza. I had some delicious rice balls and pasta. Thanks for the food, Occupy!

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2 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: New Year’s Eve 2011 And New Year’s Day 2012

  1. that was awesome!! thank you !!!! i watched live til about 12am…it was incredible!!!!!!

  2. afaf

    That Red sign: The New Dawn 2012, I saw that New year’s night at the park, it was there maybe not in the same spot where you took the photo – but I recall seeing it. :) Thanks for sharing!!

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