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The Consent Of The Governed

The governed no longer consent!

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Movie: The Future

The Future is one of the strangest movies I have ever seen.

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School Textbooks Change Forever Starting Today: Wikitextbooks

Later today Apple will unveil its new authoring software for interactive multimedia digital books — what I call xBooks.

While pompous partners of print will line up to endorse it, Apple doesn’t give a shit or even a half shit about any them.

Just as Amazon doesn’t give even an eighth of a shit for the Big Six of print publishing.

What Apple’s delusional textbooks partners still don’t realize is that today marks the end of their greedy reign and monopoly.

With the Apple tools available to all, those who can do textbooks faster, cheaper, and better are going to come in and destroy the industry as it has been known.

Just as established print encyclopedias have fallen in the face of Wikipedia, textbooks will fall in the face of wikitextbooks.

Jimmy Wales, start your engine!


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Publishers Who Screw Public Libraries Should Die

No More New Penguin Digital Audiobooks For Libraries, Either

The latest restrictions come about two months after Penguin announced that it would no longer offer any new e-books through libraries.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This isn’t the only publisher screwing with public libraries:

HarperCollins Puts 26 Loan Cap on Ebook Circulations

While HarperCollins is the first major publisher to amend the terms of loan for its titles, two other members of the publishing “big six”—Macmillan and Simon & Schuster—still do not allow ebooks to be circulated in libraries, much to the consternation of librarians.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

When publishers get up on their hind legs and bray about how they contribute to the culture, you can now tell them they’re nothing but greedy bastards who are full of themselves and totally full of shit.

They are enemies of the culture!

Public libraries create the culture — and create their future writers!

Here are just three very prominent examples:

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