School Textbooks Change Forever Starting Today: Wikitextbooks

Later today Apple will unveil its new authoring software for interactive multimedia digital books — what I call xBooks.

While pompous partners of print will line up to endorse it, Apple doesn’t give a shit or even a half shit about any them.

Just as Amazon doesn’t give even an eighth of a shit for the Big Six of print publishing.

What Apple’s delusional textbooks partners still don’t realize is that today marks the end of their greedy reign and monopoly.

With the Apple tools available to all, those who can do textbooks faster, cheaper, and better are going to come in and destroy the industry as it has been known.

Just as established print encyclopedias have fallen in the face of Wikipedia, textbooks will fall in the face of wikitextbooks.

Jimmy Wales, start your engine!


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4 responses to “School Textbooks Change Forever Starting Today: Wikitextbooks

  1. ClockworkZombie

    The only problem is the T&Cs that say only Apple may sell the products of the iBook app.

    • mikecane

      I’m not yet worried about that. Remember the stupid Apple rule about the tools developers could use to create apps? That fell after a shitstorm. This could as well.

  2. ClockworkZombie

    That is right. I too expect it will be dropped soon, but it is something to keep in mind.

  3. Shock Me

    As it stands, I’m more concerned about getting these massive files to actually download and run on the original iPad. That assumes, of course, it was Apple’s intention to have them run on that generation of iPad.

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