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Copyright: Statute Of Limitations

From what point in time does the copyright statute of limitations begin to run?

Under copyright law, the statute of limitations tolls, or begins running, when the infringement is discovered. So, if someone republished your work as their own six years ago, but you just discovered it, you can still sue for copyright infringement. However, the issue is then raised as to the amount of damages you can collect.

This is bound to be a hot topic with rumors flying around Twitter that the logs of Megaupload are now in the custody of American Feds (and probably their pimps in Hollywood too).

America will probably be the first nation on earth to create a new class of jail: Copyright Prison.

The shit is going to hit the fan this year.

Americans will not continue to be abused like this.



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Twitter Down: Filesonic Effect?

Correlation is not causality.

Yet I can’t help wondering if Twitter went down within an hour of the Filesonic news due to the volume of tweets and RTs about it.

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Filesonic Shuts Its Doors To Sharing

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The new homepage of Filesonic.

Our government here in America has become rogue, using its own form of terror to scare the hell out of other businesses they — and their corrupt bribers in Hollywood — don’t like.

Meanwhile, bankers and traders who have knowingly and willfully broken law after law remain unprosecuted — and are even given our tax dollars to prop them up!

How long before all of the other file services do that?

How long before even Dropbox does that?


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