TV: Touch, Episode One

What do the following have in common?

A world-traveling restaurant supply salesman who loses his phone at JFK airport…

… an aspiring singer in Ireland …

… a lottery-playing ex-fireman suffering PTSD from 9/11 …

… a school bus full of kids from school district 318 …

… a young fetish prostitute in Japan …

… and a child whose baker father needs a new oven in Baghdad?

They’re all connected through Kiefer Sutherland’s eleven-year-old mute — don’t call him autistic! — child …

… who Danny Glover — apparently playing a one-man Institute in a bathrobe — says is an evolutionary step who can see all of the past, the present, and the future …

…. and who can only express himself through numbers.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Pi, the TV series Early Edition from America and the BBC TV series Paradox, then you’ve already seen this TV series.

Except, I swear to God!, even with its cat, Early Edition — and the rest — never, ever laid it on as thick and as treacly as this one hour did!

While I appreciated all the threads in this script and the masterful way they were all connected and the rat-a-tat-tat of resolution, dear god — spoiler ahead — the two final resolutions between father and son invited suffocation for what that script asked the audience to swallow!

Pi, which set the stage for everything else, I loved.

Despite all the problems it had, I also loved Early Edition.

And despite the fact the audience thought otherwise and it went to a very quick death, I loved Paradox.

Touch, I did not love.

It’s ordinary TV’s impoverished idea of being extraordinary.

I will give it one more episode. And that is me being very, very generous.

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