Lovely eBook Cover Art

Title typeface and its color on the second one is a bit dicey, but if I had liked the first book, that wouldn’t have mattered to me.

Both are covers that would have intrigued me enough on a bookstore shelf to pick up and thumb through.

I don’t care that we’re moving to e — you still need covers as damn good as these.

I haven’t read these. Came across them in this article passed along on Twitter by @zumayabooks: Erotic books popular with e-readers. I’ve put them in one of my Kindle lists to investigate later.

Lady Mechatronic and the Steampunked Pirates [currently Kindle-only]
Journey to Pirate’s Cove (Lady Mechatronic and the Steampunked Pirates) [currently Kindle-only]



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3 responses to “Lovely eBook Cover Art

  1. Not impressed with the Poser figures on the second, but the first looks terrific.

  2. I agree about the cover art…I’d certainly look at the first one if I saw it in a bookstore…I like the title and have added it to my to read list.

    I am amazed at the crappy book covers that show up, especially in light fiction. The folks who post lists of freebies at Kindle Nation often rag on the cover art.

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