Rare Napoleon Hill Writings: January 1921

Napoleon Hill is the author of the always-in-print classic, Think and Grow Rich.

I’ve found writings of his in the public domain at Google Books. I’m not an expert in his work, but I have to think this material is rare and possibly hasn’t been seen since it was first published.

This is the sixth post of this series with his rare writing.

This one is another odd appearance. It’s a trade magazine for the glove industry. Hill’s work is basically a short filler.

A Definite Aim in Life

Careful analysis of more than 10,000 people disclosed a remarkable weakness which 95 per cent of them had in common — they had no definite aim in life!

Another notable fact disclosed by these ten thousand analyses was that those who were financially successful had a definite aim and a well formulated plan for achieving it.

As far as this writer has ever been able to ascertain, there are two steps which every successful person must take: first, he must formulate a very definite aim as an objective for which to strive, and secondly, he must reduce that aim to a concrete plan.

If you wish to witness a miracle which will equal anything that happened during biblical days, write out on paper a clear, concise statement of your aim in life, then memorize that which you have written.

Each night, just before you go to sleep; repeat your definite aim aloud several times, then, during the day, do everything within your power to further the achievement of that aim. In a short time the forces of the whole universe will seem to conspire to the end that you may realize your aim. Try it, doubting brother, try it.– Napoleon Hill.

For those who want to see the source page:

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