Selling Mark Twain In 1917

Google Books is like the biggest Christmas present evar!

There are lots of little gems to be found in it.

One of them is from the November 1917 issue of a monthly called Modern Methods.

This periodical was aimed at businessmen (they were mainly men then), filled with practical advice about things like selling, organization, import/export, and other practical matters.

So it’s the last place I would have expected to see a full-page ad for something so un-businesslike as a collection of stories!

Yet there was a full-page ad for a collected set of Mark Twain’s works!

This is the ad as it appears in the Google Books PDF:

And this is an enhancement and enlargement of it so all of the tiny text can be read when it’s been clicked on (and I suggest you do; there’s something in it that will make you laugh for its cheek!):

It seems to me that at one time book publishers actually courted readers, not bookstores.

They need to return to that.



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2 responses to “Selling Mark Twain In 1917

  1. Biggest Christmas present if you live in the US, that is. I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that Google Book tells me “No eBook available” when I click on your link from Switzerland.

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