eBook Readers At New Jersey Target

All photos taken today Sunday, February 5, 2012. Resized and resampled to VGA. Click any to enlarge.

My walkabout this morning had me in the Newport area of Jersey City, so I decided to stop in the Target there to see which eBook readers they were carrying.

Is something up with Kobo and Target, or is Kobo just getting screwed by them? Look at the sign below:

Kobo is listed second from left, but there is no Kobo eReader on display!

Even though the Nook Touch was plugged in, the screen said there was too little power to turn it on. I didn’t try the NookColor.

As for that iriver Story HD — which was in a demo loop that could not be aborted — I didn’t see any great difference between its HD screen and regular eInk.

What Kobo this Target had were behind glass:

And dig that: They’re still carrying the older non-Touch Kobo WiFi model.

And dig this: Amazon has its own display!

Although only the Keyboard was available to fondle, behind glass was the entire family:

There’s even a separate display for Kindle Accessories:

Meanwhile all the other eBook devices are clumped together:

As are the accessories for all those different makes and models:

There’s even stuff for the iriver Story HD:

Some closer views of the assorted accessories:

All of those prices are outrageous, by the way. Thirty dollars for a cover? One-third the price of a device? Are they out of their minds?

And here’s the other half of that Kobo Target mystery:

There was one case customized for the Kobo Touch — and it was on clearance for less than $10. I came thisclose to buying it, but I’m still undecided if I will get a Kobo Touch.

So what’s going on with Target and Kobo? Is Target dumping them? Or are they dumping Target? And, for either, why?

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One response to “eBook Readers At New Jersey Target

  1. Target is going mostly exclusive with the Nook. Target is also dumping the Kindle. It’s kind of funny at this point because you can’t buy a Kindle but 75% of the cases are for Kindles.

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