What Print Books Are Reduced To Now

All photos taken today Sunday, February 5, 2012. Resized and resampled to VGA. Click any to enlarge.

This might be the last bookstore in Hoboken. An independent on the Washington Street main strip. And this is what was in its main window this morning:

Even though I’m no longer a friend of printed books, it still bothers me to see that being done to them.

At some point in the future, some eejit will buy one of those and a discussion like this will take place:

Person 1: “Oh, I see you bought a book.”

Person 2: “That’s not a book. It’s a sculpture.”

Jesus wept.


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4 responses to “What Print Books Are Reduced To Now

  1. Why are you no longer a friend of print books? They and the indie bookstores that sell them need you more now than ever.

  2. ClockworkZombie

    There are no longer any bookstores in my town in regional Queensland, Australia.

    Friends were complaining when they closed down and expected me to be sad to see them go and I said no. There were 3 different stores and all of them had atrocious customer service.

    If you wanted to order a book there would be a wait of a month until they ordered it and then it would take a month to arrive. When I pointed out that I could order it from Amazon and have it arrive inside two weeks I was told to go right ahead, each of them did this.

    There was a different chain bookstore in a nearby town and they were worse. I would ring them to order a book, they would place me on hold to check with the distributor, then confirm it was it stock and would arrive in a week. Absolute lies. A month later the book would arrive. They did this to me twice and then I stopped purchasing from them

    A few years ago I started purchasing ebooks. I read more books now than when I was buying paper copies and the ordering experience is better. The bad service I received certainly pushed me to ebooks.

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