Is This Napoleon Hill Book Extinct?

I turned to the research experts at the New York Public Library and their nationwide search for it came up with no copies.

This book is apparently a tie-in to this lengthy piece Hill did for Modern Methods.

I’d like to know if this book exists at all. I’d like to get a replica of it (not pay through the nose for the original). The claim of letters from those prominent men fascinates me and I’d like to see them with my own eyes. I don’t recall seeing any letters like those in Hill’s other works.


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10 responses to “Is This Napoleon Hill Book Extinct?

  1. Richard Cartwright


    You might be able to get a copy from the Library of Congress. I am not sure, but i think you can get reproductions of texts that are out of print.

    • mikecane

      Hmmmmmm. The LoC isn’t exactly known for keeping everything that’s been registered at the Copyright Office, but this might be worth a shot. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Just an FYI…
    There are some great transcripts of Napoleon Hill’s teaching available for cheap on Amazon at

  3. JB Hill

    Why, yes, the book does exist. It was self published and you will not find it in the Library of Congress. Chapters from the book were also published individually and you already have located some of them…JB Hill

  4. JB Hill

    How to Sell Your Services was published in 1917 while Nap was teaching Adevertising at Bryant & Stratton Business College and while he also offered a correspondence course from his George Washington Institute. I do not know for which entity he published this book…maybe both; however, the book was published under a B&S Business College label. That business college still exists bur records from 100 years ago … have proved a dead end.
    And yes, my father was David Hill, Nap’s youngest son.

  5. James Hill

    A copy of the book showed up at Abe Books two years ago. The seller wanted $20,000 for it. The table of contents was listed Suggesting that each chapter was a previously published article. The book was therefore a compilation of material. I was also interested in those letters but not enough to pay $20,000. I already have the articles, so, the letters are but a curiosity.

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