1922: Crime Fiction Popular Then Too

Earlier this week Twitter was abuzz about an article by a snooty asshat in the UK Guardian who bleated about “downmarket” fiction being popular among eBook readers.

Someone show him this item from the February 15, 1922 issue of The Bookseller and Stationer:

Arthur B. Reeve Wikipedia entry

Several of his books are free at Google Books (click More Editions under each listing to root around for the still-free editions).

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One response to “1922: Crime Fiction Popular Then Too

  1. ClockworkZombie

    I think this could be added to your post on things that do not change. I was listening to a recreation of a senate inquiry into the government owned radio broadcaster in the 1940s I came in late and missed the date.

    The comment that stuck in my mind is “You are giving the people what they want, not what they should have” This was further explained that the radio stations were playing Jazz because it was popular and not as much classical music.

    My two favourite Science Fiction authors are Robert Heinlein and EE Doc Smith. This would probably make him need smelling salts. I enjoy pulp science fiction I imagine the detective stories supply the same market.

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