Borrow, Scan, Keep

ALA, Authors Guild, 3M Weigh In on Penguin-OverDrive Dispute

Can you really believe those in the Big Six of book publishing are thinking like this in the year 2012?

Some publishers like the idea of in-library lending of ebooks as a way to recreate the “friction” of a print transaction: The patron has to physically go to the library.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Where those patrons will find the same outrageous Waiting List that they could have from the comfort of their own home!


So, I was thinking, if they want you to visit the library, do so!

And build a book scanner!

The $20 DIY Book Scanner

DIY Book Scanner

Scan the damn print book. Make your own eBook.

Never again have to check it out ever again. And it’s DRM-free!

Hey, the library paid for the print book. Where’s the theft? Especially if you never pass it on to someone else.

I suggest, that if you do this, you concentrate on books published by Penguin first.

I’m going to call my scanner “The Penguin” in honor of them giving me this idea.



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7 responses to “Borrow, Scan, Keep

  1. I have everything I need to make that scanner, too…

  2. Geoff

    I’m confused. Couldn’t the publishers just get the libraries to pay $25 for a digital copy instead of hardcover, that can only be read by one of 10 different e-readers? I mean come on, if you want FRICTION…?

  3. You have to remember that many of these people are fundamentally cretins!

  4. Stealing is stealing. If you borrow a library book you don’t get to keep it forever. If you ever depended on copyright for a living you might understand. And if not…then I’m sure you don’t mind if I “borrow” your car….forever.

    Just leave the keys on the hood. I’ll pick it up some time this evening.


    • mikecane

      >>>If you ever depended on copyright for a living you might understand.

      And what makes you think I don’t?

      >>>then I’m sure you don’t mind if I “borrow” your car….forever.

      And go educate yourself on the difference between theft and infringement first.

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