It’s In There — So Find It!

This is making the rounds today. I lost it once, so I’m glad it’s being passed around again.

14 years ago: the day Teller gave me the secret to my career in magic

These are the key words:

Make your best stab and keep stabbing. If it’s there in your heart, it will eventually find its way out.


I really feel as if the things we create together are not things we devised, but things we discovered, as if, in some sense, they were always there in us, waiting to be revealed, like the figure of Mercury waiting in a rough lump of marble.

Let those sink in.

I have a huge backlog of books to read. Well over two thousand.

Why doesn’t that scare me?

Because most of them won’t keep me interested past the first sentence, first paragraph, or first page.

They will be the product of people who can put one word after the next to construct a sentence that says and means nothing.

You can see what I mean in an earlier post, here: Why Did You Resign?

There’s a danger in doing a post like this. Someone will sit there thinking, “Show me yours. Show me how you think it should be done.”

I can’t show you how you should do it. No one can.

That’s the point.

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