Suzuki Beane: The TV Pilot!

I remember being exposed to this book as a kid. And for ages it’s something I’d meant to look up on the Net but never got around to it.

Then tonight I tripped over this on YouTube and my jaw is still off its hinge:

Look at that pilot! There’s more intelligence, creativity, and style in it than in two TV shows I recently posted about! I’m convinced that if Suzuki Beane had gone to series, it would have changed history.

Someone must bring that book back into print — especially as an eBook.

Suzuki Beane wikipedia entry



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4 responses to “Suzuki Beane: The TV Pilot!

  1. If someone does bring this back into print as an ebook, I will buy it! (unless it’s an ebook app, in which case all bets are off)

  2. David

    I just stumbled upon this pilot segment on YouTube. I had never before heard of it, or the book it was based on. I don’t know how much I liked it, but it did kind of grow on me. It definitely had a very different quality from the other TV shows of the time. Whether it would have been a success if it had been picked up as a series we will never know, but it would certainly have been ahead of its time.

  3. Good luck finding it for under $100… this children’s classic is screaming for a reprint.

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