TV: Endgame, Season Two?

Update: Search engines keep sending people to this post. This is the final word: TV’s Endgame: No Second Season.

More moves ahead for Hulu hit Endgame?

TV Feeds My Family has learned, however, that renewed interest in the show after a recent launch on the U.S.-based Internet streaming service Hulu has the producers seriously contemplating resurrecting the series.

Endgame was one of the shows flashed on giant screens at Hulu’s Television Critics Association press tour panel last month in Pasadena, Ca. Word is that the series ranked in the Top-10 of all shows streamed at Hulu after it premiered.

Hulu, a service that is geo-blocked from Canadian screens, offers thousands of TV shows from Fox, NBC, CBS and many other broadcasters. It would be ironic if a service Canadians can’t access winds up saving a Canadian series.

According to the source, if the series continues to trend on Hulu, a second season will be ordered. Credit was also extended to a persistent Save Endgame fan campaign which has collected thousands of signatures on Facebook and other social media sites.

Endgame‘s cancellation was unwarranted.

Given the smashing success Sherlock has had, it’s clear that Endgame just needed more time to catch on. It’s that network’s own fault that it’s been out of production and now Hulu might revive it.

I’d love it if Hulu led to its revival. It would make everyone in the television industry really take notice of the power of the Internet.

That’s something that’s needed, especially given how those two ABC soap operas that were destined for the Internet never happened.

Hell, if NBC finally wanted a winning series for Thursdays at 10PM — after the failure of Prime Suspect, The Firm, and the imminent failure of Awake — it should grab Endgame.

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52 responses to “TV: Endgame, Season Two?

  1. I loved this show. Watched it on Hulu. Would love to see a second season.

  2. i was dissapointed when i really got into the show and at the end realized it was cancelled… they just left us hanging

  3. Jerry

    Love this show!!! Def need more and want to see another season.

  4. Erik "EoE" Ecklund

    Fun to watch
    If the writers can stay creative with the stories and fresh with witty interpersonal quips and innuendo the show could become a favorite for a few years at least

  5. maren

    Hulu said new episodes on Mondays when I started episode 11. I’ll double check when episode 12 starts.

  6. charlie rodriguez

    Bring it back, me and my wife just love this show and both my daughters are full fledge fans now. At the season end we could hardley wait for the next season then we found out it was canceled all we thought was how could the producers leave us hanging. We watched other shows that have been saved like warehouse thirteen and others. with on demand feature from our local cable company if we miss a show or two we have catch up days. the Rodriguez family say’s bring it back

  7. kelly

    I love endgame. I’ve watched the whole first series about 3 times. I hope they make more episodes.

  8. Ellen

    Endgame came from a network I never heard of, so I felt fortunate to see it on Hulu. Added it to my favorites after the first episode. I’ve been waiting for season 2 for months. I really hope someone picks it up.

  9. Miki

    I’m a total nerd and watched the only season in two days… that being said, I liked the show, it stinks that one of the few good and interesting flicks is being discarded… Alas, I shall return to Korean shows, at least my moving book is supposed to end after one season.. I hate a lack of conclusion.

  10. Thanks , I’ve just been searching for info approximately this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve
    came upon so far. However, what concerning the conclusion?
    Are you certain about the source?

  11. SB

    Endgame is proof that the new paradigm of watching quality TV on alternative Internet “channels” is growing and will be successful. Thank you Hulu for picking it up and please order a second season. I think it will build and a third season-plus will be a natural.

  12. assad

    i want a season 2 !!!!

  13. Mary Urner

    Love love Endgame please bring it back for another season
    Finally found a good adult show with likeable characters and good story lines

  14. Michael Lewis

    Hey, mike here a fan I just finished season one, i hope you guys are making a season two the show wasn’t a good hit because it was on the wrong channel , lol, there are a lot of fans from all over that would like to see more of the show, I should know because I’m one of them, so come on people back to work, and give us something good to watch, END Game

  15. Rocky

    Never should have canceled this show. I just watched all of it in a day on Hulu and was loving it so much that I was hoping to have next series this fall but very disappointed when I found out it was canceled. Please bring it back! So sad to when we can’t give good shows a second chance due to not e ought publicity or too many other new items at the same time… Come on and try again!

    • mikecane

      I tried to tell people to watch it both via my blog and Twitter when the show was alive. All of you latecomers should have listened back then. We’d have a third season by now.

  16. Pam harrell

    Please bring it back on!!’

  17. jared

    the show is by far, one of the most entertaining whodunnits ever made. its comedy drama murder mystery thievery quirky lite and deep story lines have appeal to every fan of anything. the dynamic of the characters personalities and the situations that arise are reminescent of a law and order harry potter goonies the closer hybrid type of adventure. this show was a winner. who ever made the call to cancel should be fired. any network that continues to sit idly doing nothing to resurrect this anomoly is run by fools. the world needs more agoraphobic genious.

  18. Maggie

    I watch it on Hulu and I’m totally a fan. It’s hard to find intelligent and well written shows these days!!! Please bring back a second season.

  19. lhoward

    We need this series to have multiple seasons. This one is a keeper and has levels of intelligence and thought. Instead of mindless dribble. Please if you can hear us, bring back our puzzle!

  20. Lisa

    I just watched the first season. They really need to come put with season 2 just ending with that ending really stinks there is so much they could do with this show

  21. DW

    great show would love to see a second season especially after the crazy cliffhanger of season one

  22. russ

    I’m tired of hulu doing this to me get me intrested in a show only to find out there is only one season! Now I will just have to learn chess and solve mystery on my own!

  23. Persistent

    It is not too late. This series would be faithfully watched if brought back and would bring investors a profit. It is never too late for investors to pursue making a profit on something with great potential success.

    Enough persistent voices can bring Endgame back.

    • mikecane

      Not if the actors have other commitments.

      • Persistent

        Yes .. Even if the actors have other commitments, **currently**.
        1. Acting commitments are fungible.
        2. Acting commitments are temporary.
        3. It is not necessary to bring all of the original cast back.

        Persistent voices can and do affect investor pursuits.
        If a good return is anticipated, someone will move to make it happen.

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    in penning this site. I really hope to see the same high-grade blog posts by you later on as well.
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  25. Byaka

    This serie is by far the best serie I have ever watched (just completed it) and I was really surprised/devastated when I learned about the cancellation of the show?! I guess I’m just hoping for someone important to read this and realise how much this series has meant to me. Watching an episode was like a little lightbulb popping up at the end of a hard day work. Ofcourse there are other series I’d like to watch as well after a hard day of work, but Endgame was by far the thing I was looking forward to the most.

    So please, reconsider a season 2!

  26. Tasha

    Really upset to learn that this was the only season, it needs to be brought back asap, especially letting us know what happen to Master.?????? !!!!!!

  27. Lisa Elizabeth Padilla

    I agree- currently watching Endgame on HULU and am very upset there is ONLY ONE SEASON!!!! This is a Hit show- please revive the show- either HULU or Showcase where it was aired….but PLEASE- there should be more than just one season!!

  28. Drew

    I was caught up to episode 11 last night Oct 5th 2016. Today, Oct 6th, it’s not mentioned on Hulu at all. All I have is entries in my history. It’s a pity I didn’t find this show sooner.

  29. MiTmite9

    Honest to gawd. These oh-so watchable series that are arbitrarily cancelled after one or two seasons should all come with a warning. I just finished watching Season 1 on Amazon Prime and it SUCKS that there was no warning up front: BEWARE—DO NOT enjoy this series too much, because you will be left hanging after only one Season. Argggghhh. I put a hex on the idiots who decided against continuing the production of Endgame. You cretins, you lunkheads. I curse you.

  30. I totally agree with MiTmite9!!! Love, love Endgame!!!! Why would such a good show (finally something worth watching–interesting characters, good story line, good plot development, no gratuitous sex) be cancelled? Just bing watched and was left wanting more – idiots who cancelled, what were they thinking? Oh, that’s right – they weren’t!!! PLEASE resurrect this show!!

    • There’s probably no way for it to ever return. But it would be interesting to see a movie in which all this time has passed to see what happened to the characters.

  31. Birda

    No season should end with cliff hangers or issues unresolved. Too many times the show is cancelled and the viewer/fan is left with unanswered questions. I now check on the internet if a show was suddenly cancelled and fans left hanging. I will not even start to watch them.

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