eInk Screen Acts Nearly Like An LCD Screen

Normally I would hold this until I’m doing a new rooted Nook Touch post, but this YouTube video just made my jaw drop:

Sony managed to make eInk do some tricks, but this is beyond everything I’ve ever seen eInk do. This even goes beyond what Bookeen recently did with animation and eInk.

Really, I think this is now going to sell even more Nook Touch devices for rooting.

For more information about how this being done, see this XDA Developers forum post.

Previously here:

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7 responses to “eInk Screen Acts Nearly Like An LCD Screen

  1. I don’t understand this video. There isn’t any sound. Why is he always double- and triple-tapping the screen?

    For what it’s worth, I saw Mirasol screen prototype models doing VIDEO TWO YEARS ago! They were much better than this, but where are they?

    • mikecane

      Zoom in/out is why he’s tapping. eInk is supposed to frikikin flash with each screen change. This is NOT.

      Mirasol is not eInk. It’s a different screen tech altogether. And no Mirasol device has so far been as snappy as a rooted Nook Touch.

      • S

        It’s not /supposed/ to flash; the flash is there to make it not look like crap – without a flash each frame draws on top of the previous one so everything looks pretty smudgy/dirty and leaves trails (as seen in the video). If you’re smart with how you redraw the screen (i.e. don’t redraw everything onscreen at once) then you can get performance like the scrolling parts of the demo.

    • just some guy

      The pattern he is tapping puts the device into fast refresh mode. For each activity, he’s alternating between using the device with fast refresh turned off and then turned on. Read the linked forum post.

    • Jon Hendry

      It appears that there are two modes, regular, and his modification. Regular mode has lots of flashing, as seen in the first 30 seconds or so. He puts it into his new mode by tapping a few times. Then the flashing stops and scrolling is much smoother.

    • Jon Hendry

      Mirasol’s color apparently looks washed out. It reminds me a bit of the color in a Polaroid transfer, where the image on a developing Polaroid photo has been transferred to a piece of paper.

      eg, http://media.lawrence.com/img/croppedphotos/2008/08/23/psu_behind_lens_polaroid_th_t640.jpg?a6ea3ebd4438a44b86d2e9c39ecf7613005fe067

      It’s a neat effect on a transfer, but it’d be annoying on something that you want to display colors accurately.

  2. Read the Frickin’ article!

    There’s something called ‘A2’ mode that allows for fast screen updating. When the running app changes, the device turns this off.

    He’s written a driver to monitor screen taps, and when the four taps happens it turns A2 mode on.

    VooDoo or not, the results are impressive.

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