eInk Screen Demos From 2009

I’ve been going through over nine-hundred(!) YouTube Favorited videos. Several of them were interesting eInk demos of features we now take for granted here in 2012.

For example, here is a touchscreen eInk display from 2009:

They are other videos, after the break, one of which is from 2009 showing non-flashing page turns on an eInk screen!

Non-flashing page turns:

This one has those page turns automated with a well-known stick figure animation:

This one is similar, but the stick figure animation is larger:

All of these led up to the development of a device not well-known here in the U.S. but sold in Russia, Asia, and parts of Europe, the PageOne. It was reviewed in 2010 at The Digital Reader. Ironically, it doesn’t have a touchscreen.


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