Occupy Wall Street: Gun Violence?

The Drudge Report obviously has difficulties with reading comprehension.


People reading that are going to wonder what the hell is going on.

If they click through to USA Today’s letter column, they will see this:

Click = big

If that’s a threat, then this country is just doomed.

Since Occupy set up in my city, I’ve done a lot of posts about them. They’re all in the Protest Category.

In addition, many nights I’ve followed their live Twitter feed of their General Assembly and Spokescouncil.

Do you know what they were discussing at Spokescouncil last night?

A proposal that would censure, reprimand, or possibly even eject those who engaged in threats and violence within the movement itself.

Occupy Wall Street, as it has manifested here in New York City, is a movement devoted to non-violence.

Go look at my past posts. There’s not one instance of anyone from Occupy engaging in violence.

There was one nitwit who opened his yap and talked about lobbing a Molotov Cocktail into Macy’s — and you know what happened to him? His ass was arrested and his bail was set at something around twenty thousand dollars!

That was the total extent of “violence” so far. One idiot.

The real violence has come from one side only: The NYPD.

And the NYPD looks restrained compared to the brutality in Oakland, California and the unwarranted tasering of one unarmed and fleeing person at Occupy Washington D.C..

Let’s get something straight here: It is our right as American citizens to protest.

All of you should be wondering why tens of millions of dollars — of our own money! — have been spent in police overtime and weaponry (rubber bullets, gas, tasers) to disrupt, remove, and suppress our own people who have a very real and valid grievance.

While I have your attention: The economy is in no way getting better. The mainstream media is trying to pave the way for a second term by Obama. If you want the real score, just keep watching Greece.

Greece is our future too.


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3 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: Gun Violence?

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  2. Great post, Mike. Do you get the impression that the MSM and Gov are hoping for some violence justify plans?

    • mikecane

      They’ve been infiltrating the movement, as several YouTube have shown, and those agents are sometimes the ones provoking violence. So far they haven’t needed anything other than tents being set up — putting aside sanitary conditions — to resort to violence.

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