Interster Episode One: New Fansub Version

A new fansubbed version of the first episode of this rare South African puppet series is now available on YouTube.

This one differs from the first in that the subs are superimposed by YouTube and are not part of the video file. So if DownloadHelper is used, the subs don’t come along for the ride.

But at least it can be watched by everyone with YouTube. Be sure to click on the CC icon for the subtitles.

The other version, with hard subs, seems to be still available for download. See this post: Interster Episode One: Proxima Clash.

By the way, at one time the available thirteen episodes were up on YouTube. But the person who put them there also got a bit enthusiastic and did Star Fleet too. That series triggered an aggressive DCMA takedown and the extermination of his entire YouTube account!

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