Nook Touch Macintosh Achieved?

November 8, 2011: Nook Touch Macintosh: An Impossible Dream?

I was doing some searches about that to see if there were any new developments and I came across this Comment:

Re: Mini vMac for Android

Post by Juror22 » 02 Jan 2012, 15:00

Running Mini vMac on my rooted Nook SImple Touch – thanks for the port to Android.

The eInk display has quite a bit of ghosting with the app, but it is still quite distinct and easy to read. Since redraws on the device cause the screen to flash (other apps can be unusable because of this) it is more than acceptable in its current non-flashing form. I have used a paint program and MS word, with the app’s keyboard. Not sure if it is useful, but it is VERY cool to run a system that old on a $99 eReader.

These were the issues that I encountered:

I had to use button savior to get the app menu (not the mac’s menu) to display, so that I could load a disk. (this may be normal for the Android version of this app, not sure…)

I really wish there were arrow keys on the apps keyboard, so that I could play Tetris. The inclusion of the command and other keys is appreciated.

It is REALLY hard to click on menu items, particularly the apple menu – it would be nice to be able to place the mac display in other locations on the Android screen, since I have the real estate.

Overall, I am very happy with the functionality of this port.

Thanks again

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So someone claims to have done it.

But I’ve seen no YouTube videos, photos, or blog posts about it. And it’s never been mentioned at the XDA Developers forum.

I wonder how it would run now that the eInk can be set not to flicker?

Does anyone have more information?

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