R.I.P. Voice Actor Robert Easton

Stingray voice artist Robert Easton dies


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4 responses to “R.I.P. Voice Actor Robert Easton

  1. A bit late doncha think? He died in December last year – I was surprised to see him mentioned in the Actors Guild Awards or some other thing

    Irregardless, we shall miss a wonderful and talented actor and voice actor. I was surprised to know he was born over here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  2. Heather Woodruff Perry

    Hello ALL ~ My name is Heather Woodruff Perry and I have been Robert and Junes Daughter for 46 years, since I was a contract player at Screen Gems when they sent me to him to learn dialects…..And we hit it off.
    I just had a Celebration of Life Memorial Luncheon, in the Empire Ballroom of the Sportsmen’s Lodge, that he planned just before he passed, which included a Documentary on his Acting roles and one of his Johnny Carson shows & Mike Douglas shows about his Dialect Coaching……There were many of his celebrity Actor’s there, to name a few…..Andy Garcia, Jaclyn Smith, Edward James Olmos, Cindy Williams, Juliet Mills, Maxwell Caulfield, Jsu Garcia and Forest Whitaker, who also spoke. John Travolta was his last Coaching only 5 weeks before he passed, coaching him for an entire film in a Serbian dialect. John sent a wonderful video Tribute from the location set of the movie…..He also introduced Robert’s extensive Dialect Library of about 500,000 books. We hope to have a state of the arts Library for Actors and Scholors to be able to reference for future generations in ANY Dialect in the world. He spent 55 years collecting them from around the world. Other speakers were Juliet Mills (Sir John Mills daughter), Maxwell Caulfield & Jsu Garcia who co Starred in Spiritual Warriors a full length motion picture from 2005……We ended with Amazing Grace played on a Bagpipe by a fine Voice Actor and Musician Friend, Michael Gough……There was not a dry eye in the place.

    Hope the next you hear will be about the Robert Easton Dialect Library, somewhere in Los Angeles County!

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