Falcon 1: Filmed In Megamarionation

My eyes popped out when I stumbled across this on YouTube today.

I have seen many take-offs on Gerry Anderson. Most of them have been crap from people more interested in wanking and mocking than in homage or trying to continue in the vein of Supermarionation.

After the break, something that is so unbelievably crude — out of the Ed Wood Jr. School — but is done absolutely straight.

I loved that, crude as it was.

It had an actual story and humor! And those special effects are impossibly crude even in this digital age — but they would have been just about impossible in the old days of Super-8 film. So would the rotating titles at the opening.

This was the first episode I encountered.

I’m off to go watch the rest of them now.


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One response to “Falcon 1: Filmed In Megamarionation

  1. t.goodfellow

    This is amazing! Thanks for sharing your discovery. If the stories weren’t pretty solid, it would be a lot tougher to love. When people talk about Hulu vs YouTube, this sort of thing is why I always pick YouTube.

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