So Much Skill Just Wasted

Yesterday I posted about Falcon 1, a YouTube series done in the vein of Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation series.

If any of you went to look, you would have seen very primitive puppets and sets made out of actual cardboard.

In fact, have a look right now:

And yet despite the shortcomings of their skills, they adhere to an actual story. The characters have personalities. And, as usual for these shows, the robot — named Bob — winds up stealing the show.

I decried the wankery and mockery I’d seen in other efforts. But I didn’t post any example of that. Now I can.

I stepped into this shit on YouTube today. What the crew of Falcon 1 cannot achieve in special effects, puppets, design, etc., those doing this video can.

Yet they use it in the service of absolute wanking.

Have a look:

That’s been up on YouTube since 2009 and has had fewer than 2,400 views. That says it all right there. Wank at home, in private. We’re not interested in watching you do it in public.

When you have all that talent and you just piss it away on self-indulgent mockery, you’re not being clever.

You’re just being an asshole.


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