The Steve Jobs Of Robots

Nao (robot)

I keep wondering if a Nao robot is a realistic replacement for a marionette and some puppets.

It’s actually more lively than the puppets in Star Fleet and unlike those in Terrahawks, can actually be shown walking in full shot as well as move its arms. It makes me wonder.

That’s an interesting video. It makes me wonder about MoCap playback to a Nao. (And now I further wonder if there are MoCap libraries. A Github for MoCap?)

Of course, I also wonder about how it’s been balanced. It might not be an easy thing to give it a different shell. And I wonder if slightly undercranking a camera while filming would result in playback with faster movement as fluid as a human’s or if it’d look too jerky.

If I understand correctly, the developer discount version of a Nao robot is three thousand dollars or so (and developers who apply are subjected to a programming test!). So my wondering will have to remain just that for now. Until they — or someone else — offer a more affordable stripped-down motion-only version without all the AI and aspirational features.


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  1. Geoff-UK


    DISCOVERY: A company that will go to the ends of the Earth for its people will find that it can hire them for about 10% of the cost of Americans.

    From me:

    …and once robots get to that 10% price range? Chinese and Indian labor should panic.

    A LOT of the world about to become farmers…once you can’t find work, eating takes priority.

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