TV Sharing Dumps AVI For x264

The SD x264 TV Releasing Standards 2012

This is both my current nightmare and future dream.

Current nightmare: My crap desktop cannot play these x264 files. They’ve already started showing up this week and I’ve tried.

Future dream: When I can finally get an iPad, I won’t have to go through the hell of converting from AVI to x264.

That said, I grabbed the AVI file instead of the x264 of the season (series?) finale of A Gifted Man to watch.

The future will have to start without me.


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2 responses to “TV Sharing Dumps AVI For x264

  1. According to Wikipedia, x264 is the name of a free MPEG-4 H.264 encoding library. If it produces video that conforms to the standard, I don’t understand why you aren’t able to find a player that will work with them.

    • mikecane

      My PC is too damn weak is what it is. vlc and even QuickTime choke on them due to this weak hardware. An iPad or nearly any non-crap Android tablet can do that video just fine.

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