Archos Arnova 9 G2 9.7″ Tablet

I had no idea this was coming. I was trawling through the J&R website and happened upon it.

And it’s a recent tablet, too. It was on QVC just last month. And the earliest videos I could find were from December 2011, where it apparently went on sale in England and Germany in time for Christmas.

After the break, a hands-on video from January.

There are a lot of reflections in this video, but it’s really the one only currently in English that gives some detail with narration.

This tablet is a very odd duck, especially here in March 2012. It runs Android 2.3. Yet low-end tablet seller Coby is soon to release a 9.7″ model of its own that has Android 4.0!

And as usual for Archos — aka Arnova — there is no word as to whether there will — or even can — be a 4.0 update for this model.


Arnova website


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