Another New Out-Of-Date Tablet Appears

Like yesterday with the Arnova tablet, I tripped across this new listing at J&R today.

It’s the ViewSonic ViewPad 10E.

Announced in January, it’s finally making its way to stores and is already obsolete, running Android 2.3 on an unknown 1GHz CPU. And also like the Arnova, it has a front camera only. Unlike the Arnova, it’s US$299, not US$279.

After the break, a video showing it off.

Note that screen resolution is actually 1024 x 768, not 1024 x 600 as the rep mistakenly states in the video:

I just don’t see the point of offering Gingerbread tablets at this late date. Coby has its own 9.7″ tablet coming and it will have Android 4.0 on it for the same price range. In fact, Coby is already listing its new Android 4.0 7″ tablet yesterday. And in checking for this post today, less than 24 hours later they’ve added their new Android 4.0 9.7″ tablet (which is worthy of a new post).

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