Coby Lists 9.7″ Android 4.0 Tablet

Just today Coby started listing its new Android 4.0 9.7″ tablet. This likely means it will start appearing in stores soon.

Unlike similar 9.7″ tablets from both Arnova and ViewSonic in the same price range, it has Android 4.0, not 2.3. I have to think that immediately makes it a better value, aside from the fact it also has 1GB of RAM versus 512MB on the other two.

My one question is about the AllWinner 1GHz CPU. I’ve heard of tablets using Rockchip CPUs not being able to run all Android apps due to some sort of native coding issue. I don’t know if this will also apply to this unknown CPU.

Although Coby is dismissed as a low-end manufacturer, this model did make a bit of an impression on people at CES. And over the months I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos from Coby owners who seem satisfied after rooting their other devices, particularly the original 7″ tablet that sold for $149 and dropped to $99 (and even sometimes $79).

After the break, some videos from CES showing this tablet.

Note that while these videos show a back camera, like the Arnova and ViewSonic, the final version has a front camera only. [See Update at bottom.]

And this video where a Coby rep explains their target market:

Update, March 28, 2012: This post has been getting hits and I couldn’t understand why. I just found out today that QVC has been selling it. And in this YouTube rip, QVC says it does have a camera on the back, despite Coby’s own site not mentioning it. If anyone has bought one, leave a Comment and let everyone know if you like it.

Update, March 29, 2012: J&R finally lists this tablet. And it has two cameras after all: Camera: Front Facing (VGA 0.3MP), Rear Facing (2.0MP). And the price is US$249, as expected. Those who paid $279 on QVC got an HDMI cable bundled in their deal however. That’s not part of the regular package.


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2 responses to “Coby Lists 9.7″ Android 4.0 Tablet

  1. Paul Nelson

    I picked one up at Frys to play with. The screen is really nice! Amazon Apps work fine on it and it does 1080p videos without breaking a sweat. Ive spent the last 2 days trying to get Google Play on it no luck yet!

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